Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Open Letter To Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

This weather sucks. For almost the entire month temperatures have been in the low 30°C range, and the humidity? Unbearable. This heat is making me and my dear friends sick, not to mention cranky. Especially when your parents don't believe in using the air conditioning on a regular basis because it costs money. Oh, and could you please stop tantalizing us with the prospect of cooler weather brought by a thunderstorm only to crank the heat back up on high?  Are you listening, Mother Nature?? Ah, fuck it. Because I have something you don't...

Kick Ass Hat (Courtesy of Raven Muse)
Take that, Mother Nature.

Enigmatic Labyrinth

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another vacation!?

Yet another family vacation. Wonderful. This time it's a 10-day visit to Saint-Hippolyte, Québec. Seven days in, and we're knee-deep in one of the worst heatwaves of the season. Four days straight of temperatures in the low 30s, but with the humidex it feels more like the low 40s. Gah. For those of you who think Canada is Freezerland, I can emphatically say you're wrong. Not only that, but my sister has been a total über-bitch and I've been feeling a bit really under the weather. So in lieu of a longer post, here's some lake pr0n: